Level Gallery

Here are some levels that players created using the level editor. If you made some levels, please send them to me, I'll be glad to publish them here.
To  install the levels, click on the thumbnail to download the zip archive and extract it into the Levels\ folder of the game.


Duane Laberman sent me these very difficult 11 levels.
Here is what he says:
Pumpy is a neat little puzzle game that kids and adults would like.
I find that a fourth or fifth grader can even solve most of the original 30
levels. I've created some more challenging levels for those people out there
that REALLY like to think. Questions or comments please contact me at
(remove NOSPAM to get my real address) .
Hope you enjoy.



Duane Laberman sent me again 11 new incredible levels !
These one are surely the most complex ones I've played. That's a MUST SEE !



Again 12 new ones from Duane Laberman.
A real challenge.



13 new ones from Duane Laberman.



Another one from Duane Laberman.