Current status

The v1.01 release is available for download. Here is what is now planned:

  1. Creation of a complete tutorial
  2. Updates of RGD2

Here is a list of the next modifications to RGD2:

Revision history

  • Translated some missing english labels
  • Swaped the texture button and the 3D object painter button
  • Fixed the bug when the player was carrying a medikit while trying to activate a level or to push a block (the medikit was used and the action was performed)
  • Performance increase when loading a tile bank or a level
  • Fixed the camera movement when the player starts a level
  • Fixed some collision bug (mobiles, player, level tiles)
  • Changes in the engine to support a future tile property called "Golem"
  • Added the game name to the RGD2 title bar
  • Fixed a bug when saving a bank which definition file exceeds 64 kb
  • Fixed some bugs when saving the game parameters (empty values were overrided by default values)
1.00 First release